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  • Location: Santa Marta, Colombia
  • Street Address: calle 30 carrera 6a N° 29-58
  • Date Posted: Apr 30
  • Phone: 3045912556
MUSICAL EVENTS PROMOTER OF ARTISTS AND CONTRACTINGNIT: 108283874-71.1PROJECT DESCRIPTIONCompany dedicated to the preparation, organization, conduct of social events, business and the recruitment of national and international artists, our services aim to meet the expectations of our customers in regards to a good organization, good logistics, and finding a good service at affordable prices, using the pace of modern life many people do not have the time available to organize your events, so we take this opportunity to listen to the client\'s initial idea and we\'ll take care of the rest; Likewise our new ideas, our willingness, creativity, imagination with responsibility and respect to help this is done successfully.1.2PROJECT BACKGROUNDWe focus on events and hiring artists, since we have references in some business in the city of Santa Marta and in the city of Cali and its metropolitan area; eg nightclub Villa morety, film festival sea, holy table restaurant bar, we are organizers of international concert \"WITHOUT BORDERS A SONG FOR PEACE\" among others, on the other hand to be a requirement of this subject learn fundamental aspects to consider in carrying out any project,1.3 PRODUCTS OR SERVICES TO DELIVEROur company will offer a portfolio of services aimed at social events and corporate events, there will be a base package to offer our customers, as needs he has, our main services are:BUSINESS EVENTSFestivals, fairs, concerts, product launches, corporate events, schools, colleges, universities, clubs, discosSOCIAL EVENTSFirst communions, christenings, birthdays, weddings, each cover basic needs but the customer can modify the package at will, that we look back dreams into reality.1.4 DIFFERENTIATOR FACTOR PROJECTFor our company is very important to provide a quality service, creative and economic, for this reason our differentiating factor is how to transform ideas and dreams into action, the customer will be responsible for creating its idea and transmit it to our company for so we can make it a reality on the other hand will be a company that will meet the customer very well in their tastes, important dates, events performed eventuality, in order to offer our services at that time, without the recourse to us.1.5 PROJECT JUSTIFICATIONIt is a personal initiative, which reflected our entrepreneurial spirit, our desire to consolidate as young entrepreneurs also to focus our ideas, our energy and our qualities for a service that benefits all of society, our company helped to develop of other youth entrepreneurship, strengthening the service sector provider in the city, and the growth of the overall economy.1.6 STRATEGIC ANALYSIS PROJECTSWOT ANALYSISSTRENGTHS | OPPORTUNITIES |Diversification of services, evolution of our company, our young organizers trend spirit, increase our services according to market demand, strategies for improving service.1.7 STRATEGIC SECTOR ANALYSISOur service is an old service that comes in an old market, ie implement a strategy of market penetration, will enter with great force in the market since we will have a good differentiator that will help us to position ourselves as one of the best companies providing service organization of events in the city.We want to be a company known in the industry for being a pioneering and innovative company, to become leaders and that our services are recognized in the city, department and later in the country, always be ready for the customer and everything is always ready to when the respective event, start from the beginning as a solid, honest, responsible and with clearly defined goals company.-Characteristic of the goods or servicesThe service we provide we will be a final service, which is not durable, because its duration are the hours that are set for the event, is a luxury good that not all people have access to such services, it is not a service usual, you can say it\'s for ages, is an accessory right, and low turnover,Uses the good or service: used to organize events and entertain, for people who purchase the service do not worry about what to do and how to do, it is used when people want to build out a social or business event and do not want to worry for organizing this.* Target customer profileOur target customer is mainly families of our target market, companies want and need their events, we distinguish by quality, excellent service delivery, we differentiate ourselves by having a personalized service to each customer taste also try to do a loyalty program customers, our market segmentaremos according to family income and financial resources of enterprises.Street Address 30 career No. 29-58 6th phones 3045912556-3002590455-4312948SANTA MARTA, COLOMBIA

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